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Terms & Conditions

Druh Media is committed to securing the protection of all of our customers and clients. We will not disclose any data with the respect to our clients or guests to any outsiders.


All pricing at Druh Media & Consulting Services is subject to change at any time and becomes effective upon posting to this site. If there has been an agreed pricing between Druh Media and the client before changes have been made, it will remain valid until that project is complete. For projects $499 and under, payment in full is required before work will begin. For projects over $500, a non-refundable payment of 50% is required before any work will begin. Unless purchasing directly from the site, full payment or deposits must be paid within 15 business days of receipt of invoice or the project is subject to cancellation, project suspension or late fee. All remaining unpaid balances will be due within 15 business days of your final approval of the design concept. Once the final payment is made, the project will be finalized and all files will be sent to you. No project will begin until payment has been 100% cleared. There is also a payment link available in the footer of the website for additional fees you may need to pay.​ The payment link is only available for additional fees, if you submit a order via that link it will be refunded back to you! Please inform Druh Media is you’re sending a payment via the payment link in the footer at the website.


On the off chance that you have acquired an item from Druh Media, we may at times refresh you on our most recent items and offers through email. You will likewise be given the chance to get such interchanges from us when you buy into our mailing list. Supporters have the alternative to withdraw from showcasing correspondences that we send whenever. On the off chance that you don't wish to keep on getting messages from us, you ought to quit by tapping on the "withdraw" connect in any messages you get. Withdrawing will suspend your email warnings. You can generally join again on the off chance that you wish to get correspondences from us once more.

​Each client is giving 15 days to fulfill their invoice balance. On the 16th day if your invoice is not paid you will receive a updated invoice with your 10% interest rate. The 10% interest rate is also added after 15 business days of no communication. If work is purchased, and a client does not complete (sending all verbiage for the project or required materials need) within 60 days, there is a $50 restart fee plus a 10% interest rate, which does not go towards the remaining balance. If over 120 days, a project is null and void, and no refund shall be issued. If clients want to continue there will have to be another contract signed and deposit made. ALL UNPAID INVOICES ARE CANCELED AFTER 30 DAYS.


The client has a time frame of obtaining materials for the project and/or service requested. Any and all information should be sent through email at info@druhmedia.com or visit the upload portal. If all material needed for the project and/or design is not provided to Druh Media & Consulting Services within 30 days following the initial date of the signed agreement the contract is subject to one of the following:

1. Termination with no obligation of refund or services rendered.

2. Standard turnaround time restarts from the time all material is confirmed to be received by the designer.

3. Special instructions or permissions that must be approved and documented by the designer to be valid.


If you would like to check the data submitted to Druh Media you can reach us at info@druhmedia.com . For security purposes we may ask you for verification of character before we release any data to you. You should constantly protect your data as you will be in charge of any move which we make.


We are constantly cheerful to get notification from our customers and clients, and we are very appreciative for any criticism to guarantee our clients are totally happy with the administration we offer. If you feel to leave inquiries, remarks, and or input, please don’t hesitate to email us with any concerns or inquiries you have. You can reach us by email at info@druhmedia.com


The security of your own data is imperative to us. You can be guaranteed that all data will be taken care of with caution. Your own data is kept up through secure systems and is just available by a set number of our staff who have been allowed get to rights and are required to keep the data private. For security reasons, no closer to home checks is acknowledged for installments.


We maintain whatever authority is needed to adjust administrations, items, estimating and our protection proclamation whenever with a notice of this change being posted here on this page. Email info@druhmedia.com with any further inquiries.


All products and or service items are last deal. There will be no profits or trades. In the event that you see your item to be inadequate, please get in touch with us within 3 business days. On the off chance that your thing is inadequate we will permit a trade. We won't permit a trade if the thing has any indications of being utilized, worn, and or posted on social media.

​After review, if our organization/business chooses to push ahead with a trade, we will advise you and you will in charge of the delivery the item(s) back to us. A tracking number is required, and ought to be messaged to us for your arrival to be prepared. In the event that you restore a thing without the following number and it winds up missing amid transport, we won't be capable. If you don't mind permit 3-5 days preparing for returns. We claim all authority to decline any trade.

Druh Media does not provide refunds for any services unless agreed upon. Having buyers remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made to Druh Media, the project will begin in the time frame given to the client. If for any reason you want to cancel a service already rendered or paid for, that is your choice. However, due to work produced or in a queue, payments already received by Druh Media will not be refunded to offset the loss of business. If partial work has already been received by the client and they choose to cancel, the partial or full payment that has been paid will not be refunded. Ownership of all artwork, layouts, and development will remain the property of Druh Media, and remaining work will not be sent to the client for their purchase. If the project is in its final stage, ownership will be transferred to the client after full payment is received.

IMPORTANT-- ANY PERSON PURSUING TO GET A REFUND OR PROCEED WITH THE PROCESS OF OBTAINING A REFUND AFTER WORK HAS BEEN STARTED ON OR ISSUED OUT WILL HAVE THIS CONTRACT VOIDED AND ALL SERVICES ORIGINALLY APPLIED FOR WILL NOT BE OBLIGATED TO BE COMPLETED UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED BY THE COMPANY OWNER REQUEST. ANY CHARGEBACK/REFUND CASES OPENED PER CLIENT ACTION IS SUBJECT TO LOSING ALL RIGHTS TO DESIGNS OR PAYING A MINIMUM OF HALF OF THE ORIGINAL COST OF THE WORK ORIGINALLY ORDERED.*** All items needed for all project must be provided no later than 30 days from the date of the initial order form and being available. At any point in time if the client decides they no longer want the package they have purchased they are welcome to decline further services but no refund will be issued and the contract will be void, once the client has agreed to not continue services rather it be verbally or in writing.


After the request is put, it would be ideal if you permit 1-2 business days to process and check charge card approval before we transport your request. Transportation is vary depending on your shipping you chose at checkout and all requests are delivered through USPS/UPS or DHL. At the point when your request is transported, we will email you with the tracking number.  *We are not responsible for carrier delays from the post office, natural disaster delays, or delays due to holidays.*


For all projects done by Druh Media, there is a five (5) revision limit. After that, each additional revision is $35 per change. After the client has selected one of the proposed designs will be responsible for completing additional research to further develop the chosen idea and completion of the remainder of the clients project. The client will be given the right to final say on all colors, fonts, text and images used in the final design.

​Draft images of ANY kind are for approval only. They may not be copied, manipulated, or distributed to any other person or company other than those directly involved with the project without prior permission from Druh Media. All drafts works are the property of Druh Media.

If a flyer has to be redesigned due to lack of prior information given it will also result in a additional $25 fee. Once you post your flyer on any social media network it is not permitted to receive any additional changes unless a editing fee of $25 is paid.


All design only projects are sent to you ("The Client/Customer") in the form of email from me ("Druh Media & Consulting Services"). Logo designs will always be sent in JPG, PNG, PDF and .Ai (+$75) or .PSD (+$75) format. There is additional charge for the vector format as this is an essential file format that can be scaled to any size. Other digital projects (flyers, business cards, website graphics, etc) are sent in JPG or PNG format. If a PDF file is needed, Druh Media will need to be contacted to supply that for you. 

All core PSD or .AI files remain the property of Druh Media & Design Services, even if a copy has been supplied to you. Once a project has been finalized and the files have been delivered to you, (with the exception of core files) you own the rights to what you have purchased. Copyrighting and/or trademarking your logo is solely up to you and not the responsibility of Druh Media. Once completed, you (the client) also give Druh Media the right to use for portfolio and/or marketing purposes unless agreed upon otherwise.​ 


It is important to have a vision of some kind for your business so it can be relayed to us. If you would like us to freestyle any ideas for your project, keep in mind our creative visions may not match. This can lead to more revisions than needed. I recommend that you have at least a concept you will like to purchase. It is an REQUIREMENT that all clients submit all HIGH-QUALITY photos and verbiage (text) that they need for their project. Pixelated photos will not result in the best quality design. Please refrain from submitting dull phone images. Please make sure all submitted content is spell checked and not subject to copyright.

lasted edited: 02/17/19